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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Nymph is the name of my one-eyed blind cat who got leukemia.
Nope. This won't be a sad story :).

I would like to talk about her because... it's been one year of us living together!

Our relationship began in one afternoon, she was a really skinny kitten back then when she tried to get in to my office through the window, looking weak and starving. It surprised me how strong she is to came to a strange place alone without her mom, and how did she survived from stray dogs around our neighborhood.

Her first night, on Kamasutra blanket! 

You will always know when something is right or wrong for you. That's how I decided to keep her.

I concerned about taking a kitten away from a mommy cat, but who knows what happened. If a kitten has been left starving and skinny like that, then it would be better to transfer her to a better hand. Especially, on Koh Phangan where the population of street dogs and cats are very high.

nymph - tortoiseshell cat

She is my first cat. I never had a cat before. I was a dog person. I actually told people I hate cats. Just because I felt like cats are like me. We have many things in common. You know, people said girls are like cats and I'm a very girly person, in some ways.

Anyway, now I would say I choose cats over dogs. I found it more comfortable having a cat. I prefer  spending quiet and lazy times indoor with my cat than doing active things with a dog and that's how I always call it a well-spent Sunday.

Nymph lost her right eye's ability not long after moving in with us. We noticed her right eye was brighter than the other. We got some pills and medication from the vet but they couldn't help much. Her action was normal. She was playful as usual so we were not worried. She's also a good catcher; birds, geckos, crickets, frogs, you name it. She catches everything. Though we found out a few months later that she got one-eyed blind.

Sometimes she would just be somewhere that I have no idea how she dose it..

Nymph is a super active cat. When there are lots of visitors in our house or when we were packing stuffs, she would get nervous and excited and shows it by running and jumping around the house with full speed like a rocket, haha.

She has a bit of a dog personality. When we go out of the house, she would run after the bike trying to chase us. Also, her favorite game is fetch. We throw this glove, no matter where, she would find it and bring it back. Just like a dog!

Did I mention she's talkative? Especially with my boyfriend, she talks to him a lot. She doesn't talk much to me, staring a lot, yes. Maybe she thinks I'm one of her feline fellows, but the lower class! I guess it has something to do with jealousy... Is it possible in a cat? Because she loves my boyfriend so much, she wouldn't let him go anywhere without her being close to him even in the bathroom. She would make sad shaking sounds in front of the door until she can get inside...perv. *cough*

We knew she got leukemia a few months ago. The thing is we didn't give her vaccines at the beginning. When we just got her then she had problem with her eye then after we got her fixed and we completely forgot about it. It was also a miscommunication between us and the vet. But the good thing about this mistake is that; due to the research I did I found that some cats who already got leukemia or FIvP (another deadly virus in cats) from their mother cats since they were born would have been killed by receiving vaccines. So it's either good and bad that we just found out she got this virus and we didn't give her vaccination without checking her blood before. It's very common for stray cats to be the born-carriers of these viruses. They spread them to each other, and to the next generation. So, from my understanding, their bodies know these viruses well enough to live with them. These cats will still be able to live but their lives will be shorter than normal healthy cats, that's it.

Dealing with having a leukemia cat? Nothing much I could suggest but not so salty food and love, LOTS of love would be the major things :).

It must be true that cats can heal our hearts.

Whenever I have a bad day, one of the best things I would do for myself is tucking in my bed with her. Listening to her purr and looking at her while she's slowly wagging her tail would bring me back on my feet again. To a shelter of mind.

Or basically, it's just love that heals us after all.

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  1. Lovely story, beautiful kitty and great pictures! <3

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  3. Koh Phangan is very extended place. You need at least a month to explore it. It is very beautiful. Everyone should go these at least once in a while.


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