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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The world looks so much better in expired films


That could explain how I feel toward film cameras.

The very first picture I took with an expired film when I was 17.

I'm not analog person tho. I love instagram. I use photoshop a lot. I also have tried DSLR.
But those are just not exactly what I'm looking for.

That feeling of looking through viewfinder, frame it and shoot it, then wondering what it would be like and hope you have done it well... You need to wait until you shoot the whole 36 frames. Wait, wait and wait. Like those green bananas wait for their right time to be ripe! Yeah, that feeling :)

Freshy trip.. which is pretty long time ago!

I was using a real toy camera as my starter, and surprised with the results from that plastic lens.

Nothing is perfect, and that is perfect.

It's very easy to make mistakes with film camera and I did, many times.

Once I lost all the pictures I took in USA and Tokyo with no reason. I just bought a Kodak Signet S35 on internet, didn't even check if everything worked well since I was in hurry. Luckily, I brought a compact camera, a digital lomo Harinezumi and a Fuji Instax Mini along with me for that trip so it was not that drama to lose pictures. Though it was quite hard for me to accept it... :'(

Another big mistake! Actually this one made me rather happy with the result of it; a rush trip again!

I loaded an expired BW film into a waterproof toy camera.
It was not supposed to happen.

Seriously, I pretty much like it.

Don't ever talk about exposure with toy camera. You don't need that.

What makes picture unique is film.

I always choose expired ones as priority. Expired films give you unexpected results. Even in the same roll of film, you'll find that you got different tones of colour.

Canon Canonet 28

This was taken on my 24 birthday. Hey, that's my birhtday cake!!

An inaccurate focus...love it.

Mellow trees.

Secret Beach.

Rangefinder camera is fun for portrait.
Since I live on the island, most of my pictures are landscape. So I always glide the ring to the 'A'.
I love portrait tho. I'd like to do it more often but you know.. there are lots of interesting people here that I'd like to take pictures of them but it was not easy.. *blush*

By the way, I just got a BeLOMO Vilia few weeks ago! Lucky me! I always try to find Russian film camera because of Soviet lens never get old ;)

Well, I hate to end the story...Guess I completely forgot how to blog...will do it more often then!

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